April 18, 2012

Welcome to my new blog. It’s been about a month in the making so I’m very relieved to finally have it finished, since I’ve felt a little lost not being able to blog (who would have thought?!). I figure the best way to start this blog off, is by telling you how I came about doing what I do.

I have two brothers, Rob my older and Alex my younger. Growing up I loved taking photos of my friends and family, even more so I loved looking at photos. My older brother and his best friend Nathan were the cool guys growing up, so needless to say Rob didn’t exactly want me around and looking back I don’t blame him. Nathan lived with us for a while when he was in highschool, which meant I had someone to watch Dirty Dancing with, and give me outfit advice. I remember one night asking Rob if he’d teach me how to play basketball, and he refused, it was cold and he was tired. Nathan stepped up, took me outside and on a very cold winter night he taught me how to play. I remember how cold my fingers were like it was yesterday. He became one of my brothers. I was the annoying younger sister with a camera, and I wanted to remember everything. Even just the little things, like sitting on the front porch. I vividly remember telling Rob & Nathan to get together for a photo one day while they were sitting on the couch, and Rob, being a teenage boy was pissed. He scolded me, but I took the photo anyway. Fast forward to that summer, Nathan and 5 other friends of my brother were in a terrible car accident and died. Rob had his closest friends taken away from him in one swoop. Remember those photos I took of them? Those were pretty much the only photos of them together. My brother even has the photo of the two of them on the couch framed. Photos are what help us remember, and keep our memories alive. ¬†They make you laugh, they make you cry, and most importantly they make you feel. So fast forward to today. I’m a full time photographer, and I get to make peoples cherished moments last. I have the best job in the world in my opinion, and I feel very fortunate to get to share it with you.

And since a blog is no fun without photos, here are some photos the newest addition to our family!