dylan and sara I was named after Jacqueline Onasis.

 My home is in Calgary, Alberta.

 Must love dogs.

 I laugh.. a lot, and I love love.

 My idea of the perfect meal is a hot poutine and deep fried pickles.

Christmas movies make me happy.

 I love party dresses, especially Betsey Johnson ones.

 Sour skittles and nibs are my favourite candy.

 Cap’n Crunch is my favourite cereal.

 I’m quite good at Scrabble, which hopefully makes up for the fact that I don’t have the patience for Monopoly.

 I don’t drink, yet I love Las Vegas.

 Shirley Temples are delicious.

 I always signal and shoulder check.

 I’m terrible at writing about myself.

 I photograph people.


Photo by the super talented Dylan & Sara.